Community care issues

As citizens, we rely on a range of social services and healthcare systems provided by the government to give us or our loved ones adequate care and accommodation. When these systems fail, you can turn to Smith Roddam Solicitors for help.

Every person has particular health needs and it is the responsibility of our government to ensure its citizens have adequate access to the healthcare and social services appropriate for them. That includes having the correct assessments undertaken, a budgeted-for care package that addresses all of their care concerns, a frequency in the delivery of services that is sufficient for their needs and that any self-directed support is encouraged through adequate provisions.

As a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), you have the authority to act for a family member, friend or loved one if they no longer have the mental capacity to make decisions about their own health and welfare. In this role, you’d already be conscious of ensuring any necessary care is being delivered appropriately. If you disagree with the decision of a social service or healthcare provider, they should welcome your feedback and listen to your concerns.

If you feel you are not being listened to or that your concerns are being disregarded or minimised without due reason, speak with the team at Smith Roddam Solicitors. We’re based in Bishop Auckland, Crook and Shildon and welcome you to our offices for a private chat about your loved one’s situation. If it’s not possible to attend our offices, we can arrange flexible appointments to meet you.

Smith Roddam Solicitors can support you to resolve disputes relating to:

  • Delayed, refused or inadequate treatment or assessments
  • Delayed or refused home adaptations
  • Inadequate or inappropriate care funding or charges
  • Service types, level of care or delivery
  • Incorrect service removal
  • Self-directed support, including insufficient provisions

Our team will help you understand your rights as an LPA to make decisions and appeals where necessary regarding the health and welfare of your loved one. For a free initial assessment, speak with us on 01388 881 611

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